A New Way To Experience Wellness

Spas have become an essential part of many people's lives, offering a variety of benefits for their physical and mental health. However, not all spas are the same, and some may not meet your specific needs and expectations. That's why we are proud to introduce you to Ottie’s Wellness Spa, a new way of holistic well-being that goes beyond traditional spa services. The wellness Spa is not just a place to relax and enjoy a massage or a facial. It is a comprehensive approach that integrates the best of natural therapies and nutrition to help you achieve optimal results in your body and mind. It is based on the principle that all aspects of health are interconnected and need to be balanced in a harmonious way.

  • Total Well Being

At Ottie’s Wellness Spa, you will receive a personalized assessment and a tailored program that suits your individual goals and preferences. You will have access to a wide range of therapies, such as conventional spa treatments, physiotherapy, cognitive therapy, energy therapy, and sleep therapy. You will also benefit from a customized diet plan and menu, prepared by our nutrition experts, that will nourish your body and support your well-being. Ottie’s Wellness Spa combines these therapies in a synergistic way, enhancing their effectiveness and creating a positive impact on your overall health. You will not only feel better, but also look younger for longer, as our beauty treatments and fitness programs will enhance your appearance and self-confidence. Ottie’s Wellness Spa is more than a spa. It is a lifestyle that will transform your well-being and help you reach your full potential. Come and discover it for yourself. We are waiting for you with open arms and a smile.

Our Plans

Our Pricing Plans


$ 60
/ Per Person
  • Full Body Massage
  • Mini Facial
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Ottie's Signature Detox

$ 100
/ Per Person
  • Full Body Scrub
  • Steaming
  • 2 Hr Full Body Massage
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Full House Package

$ 120
/ Per Person
  • 2 Hr Full Body Massage
  • Full Facial
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
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How It Works

Our Programs


At Ottie's Wellness Spa, we offer a variety of programs to suit your individual needs and goals. Whether you want to relax, energize, slim down, detoxify, heal, or rejuvenate, we have a program for you.


Some of our programs are designed to address common issues and concerns, such as stress, fitness, weight management, cleansing, recovery, rejuvenation and well-being. Others are tailored to your specific situation and preferences, such as sleep quality, smoking cessation, and more.


All of our programs are based on our core philosophy: the harmony of mind and body is the key to total well-being. We help you achieve this balance through our holistic approach and expert guidance.